I. It all began in early 1999 on the road somewhere between Vienna and Prague with the idea of Martin S. Lohnicky to found a cultural sponsorship-section within the FSBT, a communication agency. As a result the CON.FRONT.ART came to life as an arts funding brand in Central Europe sometime around the turn of the millennium. This project was based on the partnership with Tomas Manasek and centred on the transnational cultural dialogue from the very beginning.
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II. Later on, the project mentioned above evolved into the art society CON.FRONT.ART consisting of 8 sections, again initiated by Martin S. Lohnicky in Königgrätz (Hradec Králové). With the involvement of Stepan Malek, Martin Marak, Jana Vincenc... this association supported various contemporary artists from Central Europe and organized more than 300 cultural events from 2006 to 2011. For more than 5 years galleries and exhibitions were managed and concerts, festivals, symposiums and seminars were organized and supported as well. At a later time a new national club of representatives of concrete art, the Club of Concretists - KK3, has evolved having its origins in the club section of the Club of Concretists of Eastern Bohemia.
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III. Sometime later in 2016, when living in Vienna, (again) Martin S. Lohnicky was motivated by the Institut für Kulturkonzepte (Institute for cultural concepts) and influenced by the extraordinary friendship with Martin Leitner to newly initiate the society to support contemporary art forms, CON.FRONT.ART (again). This association aims at promoting art and culture in an international context focusing on an intercultural dialogue with social and cooperative aspects in Europe.

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In early 2017 the new phase began with the re-establishment of the association to promote contemporary art forms, CON.FRONT.ART, founded by Martin Leitner und Martin S. Lohnicky. This association develops common intercultural projects, aims at cooperation and mobility with neighbouring countries and supports the pursuit and development of contemporary art forms focusing on fine arts. The contribution of various personal empirical values led to 4 pillars on which the association rests:

Contemporary art is an art form that claims global contemporaneity without borders and norms. Within contemporary art cultural and political issues should be reviewed with priority to implement projects and not merely to exhibit pieces of art. As club founders we want to actively participate within contemporary art with our own works and, additionally, offer a platform for artists from Austria and its neighbouring countries to expose their works to public dialogue.

Art is an expression of the respective civilization. Due to our common history there is a strong cultural understanding between us and especially our neighbouring countries. Therefore, we want to conduct an intercultural dialogue with societies and artists from neighbouring countries in order to reinforce cultural roots. Moreover, we try to encourage mutual inspiration with regard to country-specific art and cultural techniques. We seek cultural exchange involving mutual visits, exhibitions and workshops, based on open partnership.

Art is not only an expression of culture but also a form of distribution of cultural knowledge. Each civilization has a unique cultural way of expressing itself and cultural habits. Especially with regard to social integration this cultural exchange is important since it leads to a better understanding of and tolerance for different cultures and conventions. In this context we focus on the cooperation with refugees from third countries.

Art and culture are essential parts of a comprehensive education which enables everybody to fully develop on a personal scale. Cultural education is a human right and should be open for people with handicaps. In this field our target group are wheelchair users who should be enabled to visit cultural events and art projects in a barrier-free way.



We are a non-profit association operating in the field of art and culture within an international context. We devote ourselves to contemporary art forms with an emphasis on fine arts. We focus on the involvement of art and culture of neighbouring countries. We foster plurality of opinions emphasizing on integration with respect to cultural exchange. We build cultural bridges and support networking and exchange of experience among wheelchair users and patients who suffer from rare diseases, especially ALS. We encourage cultural diversity and integration of people from third countries by means of cultural exchange and conveyance of values.

Due to our geographical position in the heart of Europe we have decided to use German as our main language. We use English for headlines and, above all, try to speak in images. However, you are welcome to communicate with us in most Slavic languages and English. We are looking for partnerships with artists, persons, associations and institutions in neighbouring countries to realize cultural events and art exhibitions. We focus on the exchange of cultural values, the support of educational projects, the production of books and recording media of artists, as well as on the organization of workshops, seminars and symposiums. We promote artistic and cultural projects of today without any differences in origin, religion, education, gender - healthy or handicapped -, because



Martin Leitner
Chairman and co-founder

(project-manager for integration, networker for wheelchair users, fine artist, pedagogue)
- responsible for communication in German-speaking countries
- head of the sections INTEGRATIONAL and ROLLING ART

Martin S. Lohnicky
Vice-chairman and founder

(concept artist, author of artist's books, art mentor and curator, communications manager)
- responsible for communication in Slavic-speaking countries
- head of the sections CONTEMPORARY and TRANSBORDER